You can now buy purple Lambrini that tastes of parma violets

You can now buy purple Lambrini that tastes of parma violets

Sparkling drinks are well known for being the absolute epitome of class and style, and yet they're not to everyone's taste. You might want something little bit less dry and a little bit more sweet to drink, if you're going to indulge in it.

So if that's the case then I have some good news for you: the Lambrini sparkling drinks company has recently launched a brand new parma violet flavor, which is available exclusively in Morrisons supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

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According to a report by British tabloid newspaper The Sun, the parma violet-flavored drink is currently on-sale for the bargain price of just £2.50 per 75cl bottle, which will later rise to £3.25 in the near future.

The new sparkling beverage even comes in an awesome purple bottle, decorated with little flowers, which Lambrini claims is a "nod to the 90s with a favorite old school flavor" - meaning that you can relive your childhood, but with an alcoholic twist,

At the moment, this sweet-flavored drink is only available in 185 of the 493 Morrisons supermarkets in the United Kingdom. But if you're panicking then don't worry; there are some solutions.

First of all, as of Monday, you'll be able to order them from Morrisons' official online store as of Monday, February 24. But if you just cant wait that long, then you can always Morrisons' store locator tool to find your nearest shop. However, it's probably advisable to phone ahead to check that stocks are available before you make the trip down there in person.

There's no word yet on just how long this promotion is supposed to last for, so if you're smart then you'll rush to your nearest Morrisons and pick up a bottle for yourself while you still have a chance.