YouTuber 'disgusted' after troll edits bikini photo to make her look thinner

YouTuber 'disgusted' after troll edits bikini photo to make her look thinner

A YouTuber has taken to Twitter to express her outrage after a troll edited one of her bikini pictures to make her look thinner.

Canadian YouTuber Jen Brett tweeted a screenshot on January 10, which showed direct message she'd received from a man who had forwarded her one of her pics. The pic had been edited; photoshopping her behind to make it look smaller and to smooth out the cellulite.

This influencer was forced to visit a surgeon to prove her butt was 100% real:

The anonymous troll wrote: "Someone did this to your pic and I gotta say cut the extra weight and you be perfect."

Outraged by the body shaming, Brett (who previously suffered from an eating disorder) wrote: "A guy really took the time out of his day to photoshop me smaller? I hated myself for years because I wanted to be small like that. But that’s not me, it never will be and I don’t want it to be either. I don’t need editing. F*ck YOU. [sic]"

She later added in a follow-up: "Not only did my ED almost kill me but it stole years of my life away that I will never get back. I thought that being smaller would make me prettier, happier and that it would somehow solve all my problems. Well it didn’t. Smaller is not a synonym for better. YOU ARE ENOUGH. [sic]"

She also shared an image on Instagram, comparing her current voluptuous body to her skinnier shape five years ago. She captioned the post: "last night a guy sent me a photoshopped, much smaller, less cellulite-y version of that right picture and told me: 'I would be perfect if I lost the extra weight.' But I’ve been there. I lost the 'extra weight.' I went to the gym every single day. [sic]"

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She continued: "So ya I gained weight but so what? That 'extra weight' is me being able to have a life outside of the gym. To eat food I actually enjoy. It’s realizing that you don’t need to be a size 2 to be fit or healthy. And most importantly, it’s a big F*CK YOU to my eating disorder. I’m not losing a damn thing ??" [sic]"

On social media, a number of Brett's followers retweeted her post and gave her their full support:

But celebrities are under more pressure than anyone to conform to an idealized image. Recently, Selena Gomez opened up about the body-shaming she's endured in a candid interview with Ellen Degeneres.