Here's how you can get a free takeaway with Just Eat this week

Here's how you can get a free takeaway with Just Eat this week

The winter months are drawing in, the nights are getting darker and the weather is getting colder.

Over the summer, you went out, didn't you?

Remember those endless summer nights, the warm air tousling your hair, the evening sun bronzing your skin?

Well, stop reminiscing, because those days are well and truly behind us.

Winter is the time to batten down the hatches, whack on a Christmas film and snuggle with a significant other. What could make this idyllic winter scene better? I hear you cry. Why, a takeaway of course. What if I told you that you could get £15 worth of free takeaway with TopCashback? You'd be pleased, wouldn't you?

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If you agree that you would, in fact, be pleased then I've got some absolutely golden news for you, because the good folk over at TopCashback are offering new members a free takeaway from Just Eat up to a value of £15.

Just picture all the delectable treats you could get with fifteen whole pounds to play with. Dozens of bhajis, a pizza with every topping imaginable or some good old hearty fish and chips.

So how are you to go about claiming this absurdly great offer?

It's super easy, just head on over to TopCashback, join up, and you'll get 100% cash back on your Just Eat takeaway up to a maximum value of £15.

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The deal runs from now until January 6th 2019.

Important things to note: this deal is open to new TopCashback customers only, or those without any previous transactions in their TopCashback account.

The winter months can be an altogether gloomy affair until December hits and you're able to start the countdown to Christmas in earnest, so why not let TopCashback add a bit of much-needed cheer?

How do cashback sites work?

  • By visiting a cashback site before your favourite online shop, you can get as much as £100 back for one purchase (phone purchases and insurance policies tend to pay the best).
  • The process typically only takes an extra 30 seconds.
  • Visit the cashback site
  • Search for your favourite retailer
  • Click the link to their online store
  • The cashback will in no way affect your purchase once you’ve visited the cashback site.
  • Retailers pay cashback sites for referring you to shop with them (as incentive to shop with them over other retailers for example).
  • The cashback sites pay you a cut of their fee as a reward for using their services and incentive to come back again and shop
  • The time it takes to get cashback varies between retailers and services. Products that can be cancelled tend to take longer to allow for this. E.g. a travel product purchased in January, may be cancelled in March; understandably the travel company may wish to wait until the transaction is confirmed.