Hideous $1200 Balenciaga t-shirt has become the internet's new favorite meme

Hideous $1200 Balenciaga t-shirt has become the internet's new favorite meme

High fashion is a funny old concept, isn't it? While I understand that certain labels produce higher quality clothing and therefore cost more money, sometimes it can get slightly absurd. Whether it's Prada selling a paper clip for $185, or Raf Simons selling duct tape for $200, there's a lot of questionable decisions that go on in the world of fashion.

However, while the majority of us simply laugh at these absurd price points for everyday items - with the majority of them being available at discount stores - plenty of people lap it up, splashing the cash on whatever they can as long as it has a logo.

I mean, I get it to a degree. Clothes make you feel good and wearing a certain brand or designer makes you feel even better. Essentially, wearing a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers that have been embroidered with a snake, is the same as raking in 1,000 likes on your latest Instagram upload. It gives you validation. It makes you feel great. And you know that in the circles you care about, people will admire your choice of sneakers.

But, while the effects of certain high fashion items are clear, others become a bit more of a murky water. Take Balenciaga for example. The Spanish fashion house is having a bit of a moment right now, with it being lapped up by high-fashion heads as well as streetwear "Hype Beasts" who clamour to get their hands on the latest drop in order to stunt on their Instagram profiles.

However, while the majority of their items have proved popular - with their "Speed" and "Triple S" sneakers being particular notorious in certain circles - the same can't be said for their latest line of clothing.

Three weeks ago, Balenciaga dropped the preview from their fall/winter 18 collections and one item, in particular, has taken the interest of the internet. While the majority of the drop was what you would expect: puffa jackets, heavy duty flannel shirts and a general grunge/skater vibe - the company's latest innovation has caused quite a stir.

Essentially, Balenciagas latest "t-shirt shirt" is the dumbest thing you have ever seen in your life.

Yep, that's a shirt sown onto the front of a t-shirt... snazzy, huh?

I know what you're thinking: "Why release a t-shirt in your fall/winter collection?" Well, luckily for you, the company are thinking ahead and promise that you can wear this item all year round due to its "striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options." Two wearing options? For $1,200? I don't know what you're complaining about!

Of course, the internet has found the entire ordeal absolutely hilarious and plenty of people have been busy tearing into the fashion house.

Balenciaga has given a new meaning to high fashion and has honestly produced a t-shirt shirt - a concept that you probably came up with when you were high. But, mock all we want, I have no doubt that these bad boys will sell out in no time at all.