Home Depot is now selling a giant light-up cow lawn ornament for Christmas

Home Depot is now selling a giant light-up cow lawn ornament for Christmas

I know what you've been thinking: where can I buy a giant, light-up cow to decorate my lawn this Christmas?

Or perhaps, alternatively, how will I ever overcome my fatal addiction to bovine-themed lawn ornaments, particularly in the run up to the holiday season, when I am sure to be reminded of their existence, and - oh my god, what's this, a light-up one!?

Well, if you've been searching your soul with the first question then fear not, because I'm about to give you details of the light-up cow ornament of your dreams.

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If you're afflicted by the latter, then look away now, as this will do nothing but stoke the ceaseless fire that doubtless burns in your soul for cow lawn ornaments.

Credit: Home Depot

Of course, there's another alternative here: you're currently muttering to yourself, "what on Earth is a lawn ornament", and I have to say that, until alarmingly recently, I would have fallen into your camp.

But anyway, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

In a fun format, I'll ask the questions for you, and answer them, too.

1. Where can I buy this astonishing product?

You can buy it online at Home Depot, or at select stores across the country.

2. Ok, so how much does it cost?

If you want to stock up on your lawn ornaments this Christmas, then the light-up cow will set you back $99.

Credit: Home Depot

3. When you say "giant", what are we talking?

It's a 55-inch cow. A lawn ornament I think you could best describe as "striking". There's also a 36-inch version available at the lesser price of $69.

Filled with tiny LED lights, the cow is clad in black-and-white tinsel to further the festive feel of the whole affair.

Delish reports that the product comes with a giant red ribbon, is easily assembled, and is also fairly lightweight.

If you want to be the envy of your neighbour this holiday season, there's only one light-up giant cow lawn ornament you'll need.