Hostess just dropped Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow-flavored mini donuts for the holidays

Hostess just dropped Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow-flavored mini donuts for the holidays

As we all know, there are quite a few flavours in these late-calendar months which are inextricably linked with the holidays. Pumpkin Spice is great for those autumn months, but once those leaves have fallen and the nights have grown too cold, then it's time for a new taste of winter.

Gingerbread and peppermint are two old favourites that make their way into our mouths via Oreos, coffees and donuts on a yearly basis, but one flavour I'm seeing a bit more of this year is the Hot Cocoa Flavour. Hot cocoa, as we're all aware, is one of the things we love to sip on in front of the fire once autumn's out of the way, but it was one of those things we couldn't really improve on. Or, at least that's what we thought.

Hot Cocoa M&M's Credit: Mars

But then came the Hot Cocoa M&M's, and then we began to wonder if there were more things we could experiment with Hot Cocoa. Then, there were the Hot Cocoa Hershey's Kisses, and we thought to ourselves: "hold on, is there something in this?"

Hostess seem to think so, because they're the next company to hop on this Hot Cocoa train, with the Hostess' Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mini Donuts making their way to shelves. Also known as 'donettes', the company behind Twinkies have seen fit to give us a new boost of holiday goodness ahead of the holiday season.

Coming soon to a Walmart near you, these donettes, like most of the Hot Cocoa treats on fare this holiday season, will be of a hot cocoa and marshmallow flavour. At this moment in time, though, there's no delivery option available for these little treats, so you're going to have to put on pants for this one, unfortunately. I'm really sorry about that.

Of course, my friends, this isn't the first time we'll have the chance to put a donette or two to our lips; this is actually the third year running we'll get to have them. They first debuted back in 2016 to massive fanfare, and so popular were they back then, that people begged Hostess not to take them off the menu once New Year's Day rolled around.

They didn't quite oblige, but they've made sure to bring it back whenever the holidays are round the corner. I think they'll go pretty well with one of these hot cocoa rolls from Pillsbury, don't you? Maybe wash it all down with a nice cup of hot cocoa. What do you mean, that's too much chocolate? No such thing.

Just pop these bad boys in the oven, and then you'll have a nice hot roll with your donuts and cocoa. There's nothing greater on a cold winter eve, is there? We might need to get the sweaters out and everything, but we'll always have plenty of chocolate to make Thanksgiving and Christmas as enjoyable as possible.