Identical twins say they do 2,000 squats a day to achieve their 40-inch butts

Identical twins say they do 2,000 squats a day to achieve their 40-inch butts

They say that identical twins have a special bond, but few can be quite as unique as that of Miriam and Michelle Carolus. The two sisters - who are also known as the Double Dose Twins - spend much of their lives together even at the age of 31, and have committed to keeping their bodies looking as similar as possible.

Over the years, they've undergone surgery to ensure their chests are exactly the same size, stuck to exactly the same diet in order to keep their bodies in the same shape, and, most recently, have revealed the commitment they've made to maintaining that most important aspect of the human anatomy: the booty. Rather than turn to surgery to achieve this feat, though, the Double Dose Twins have committed to doing squats every day - an astounding 2,000 of them!

"We’re focused on having the same exact bodies so our measurements stay exactly the same," Michelle recently said in an interview with Barcroft TV. "If one of us gains or loses in a part of their body, the other tries to match up. To maintain the curves, we have to do a lot of abs, leg and butt exercises."

The two hit the gym almost every single day, and regularly share the results of their hard work with their 18,000 Instagram followers - most of whom are probably there to marvel at their 40-inch butts.

But Miriam and Michelle's identical lives haven't all been plain sailing. Due to their close bond with one another, they've struggled to find romance.

"When you take on one of us, you really take on both of us because we spend all our time together," Miriam said.

"It’s been very challenging," added Michelle. "For a relationship to work with one of us, the man would need to love my sister but never see her in a sexual way, even though we both look the same and have the same curves.

"It’s kind of hard. He has to understand that, ‘this is my girl, this is her sister’ and they are always going to be around each other."

They tried to make changes in their lives to accommodate for other relationships, but they found that it just made them unhappier.

"We thought the nice thing about living apart would be space for our love lives. Also we could get away from each other if we got on each other’s nerves," Michelle said. "But actually we might as well be back living together because we spend all our time together anyway. We work together, play together, need to work on our bodies, everything."

In pursuit of getting amazing derrieres and an impressive Insta following, then, Miriam and Michelle seem to have forgone the kinds of things that most other people would pursue. But hey, who needs a man when you have such a strong sisterly bond... and a 40-inch butt.