If you have one of these rare Beanie Babies you could be incredibly rich

If you have one of these rare Beanie Babies you could be incredibly rich

Back in the 1990s, before the joys of smartphones and social media, kids used to play with these things called "toys". Toys came in all shapes and sizes - from miniature cars to collectible cards to little plastic dolls - but one of them triumphed over all the rest. It was small, it was soft, and it was rumoured to be worth an insane amount of money.

We're talking, of course, about the Beanie Baby.

For years, both children and adults alike flocked to stores to buy the latest Beanie Babies, almost always in the hope that - one day - they'd be worth a decent amount of dough. A lot of the time, this idea was scoffed at, and people who had spent a significant amount of their savings on stuffed animals were ridiculed for believing such a thing.

As it turns out, though, the Beanie Baby fans were right all along, as some of the toys are now worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, it's only a very select few that have such a huge price tag, but if you have one of them, you could be sitting on a fortune...

1. Gobbles

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for your childhood toys - especially this one, as it's worth $6,667.

turkey baby Credit: eBay

2. Pouch

This girl might be tiny, but she comes with a huge price tag of $10,000.

kangaroo beanie Credit: eBay

3. Snort

$7,500 for one Beanie Baby? What bull!

bull beanie Credit: eBay

4. Wallace, Cashew, and Huggy

This small collection is the most expensive of the lot, and is currently on eBay for a whopping $680,000.

beanie babies Credit: eBay

5. Holiday Teddy

Christmas might have come early for you if you have this $10,000 bear.

holiday beanie Credit: eBay

6. Halo

If you have a rare white-starred angel bear, it could be worth up to $13,500.

beanie baby Credit: eBay

7. Spangle

Show your patriotism by splashing out $1,289.99 on this little guy.

american bear Credit: eBay

8. Britannia The Bear

Or hop across the pond and get this fella for $13,995.

beanie baby Credit: eBay

9. Seaweed

This otterly gorgeous little critter is worth an astounding $30,000.

otter beanie Credit: eBay

10. Hope

If you want $25,000, you'd better make like this bear and pray you have some pricey Beanie Babies in your attic.

beanie baby bear Credit: eBay

11. Jake

What could $16,000 buy you? A new car? A fancy holiday? Or maybe this stuffed duck?

beanie baby Credit: eBay

12. Claude the Crab

This snappy little guy is worth $30,000.

crab beanie Credit: eBay

13. Valentino

If you have one of these with a misspelled tag, it could go for as much as $42,299.

valentino bear Credit: eBay

14. Blackie the Bear

Depending on which generation it is, your bear could score you around $50,000.

blackie beanie Credit: eBay

15. Hippity

This sweet little creature is also worth $50,000.

bunny beanie Credit: eBay

16. Bubbles

This magnificent creature is up for $176,000 on eBay - making it thousands of times more expensive than a real fish.

fish beanie Credit: eBay

17. Patti the Platypus

The magenta-coloured Patti is the priciest, coming in at $19,500 online.

platypus beanie Credit: eBay

18. 15-inch Peace bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones

$358,000 for a few toys!? You're taking the peace!

Credit: eBay

19. "Large" Ariel and 9" friends, Issy, Ariel, and Peanut

This gang might not look all that, but they're worth $578,000.

Credit: eBay

20. Princess Bear

A dedication to Princess Diana, this bear is worth an enormous $677,000.

Credit: eBay

So, if you've still got some Beanie Babies lying around amongst your childhood possessions, get looking! You never know: you could be in for a huge surprise.