If your star sign is pisces, you're more likely to win the lottery

If your star sign is pisces, you're more likely to win the lottery

Most people, at one time or another, have fantasized about winning the lottery. How amazing would it be to buy yourself the right ticket for a few dollars, and then suddenly end up a billionaire, never having to work again and free to pursue whatever your heart desires?

Sadly, the chances of winning are so remote that most of us will come up short every time we play.  All it takes is a stroke of good luck to change your fortune forever: but maybe the answer isn't down to mere chance, or to the mysteries of fate, but has already been determined by the stars.

Recently, a man from North Carolina won the lottery coming back from his last round of chemo:

Yes, if new research is to be believed then, statistically speaking, it seems as though your ability to win big is predetermined by the date of your birth, or more specifically, by your star sign.

Per The Daily Mail, new data crunched by the National Lottery, has shown that people with the star sign pisces were the people most likely to win big in 2019, winning a whopping 11.6 per cent of all top lottery prizes.

Meanwhile, Gemini players came second best, with 9.9 per cent of division one lottery wins, and Virgo followed closely at third place with a 8.9 per cent win rate, and Sagittarius came last as the least lucky star sign.

Watch the moment a Walmart customer won the lottery and bought everyone else's shopping for them:

Commenting on the findings, National Lottery spokesperson Lauren Cooney stated: "Pisces are typically considered to be generous and empathetic in nature, with a deep sense of kindness and compassion."

She added: "It would be interesting to know if these traits transcended with their lottery windfalls and they shared their prizes with their loved ones. We often hear from our Saturday Lotto division one winners that the people they think of first after hearing the life-changing news is their family and friends."