IHOP reveal they're making a giant pancake the size of a pizza, called the 'Pancizza'

IHOP reveal they're making a giant pancake the size of a pizza, called the 'Pancizza'

For the longest time, IHOP was just the greatest place to get some delicious pancakes. You could walk right in, enjoy some delicious breakfast food, and walk out again with a heart full of hope and a belly full of pancake. It was... really good.

But over the past year or so, IHOP's undergone a bit of a modernisation process. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers the "International House of burgers" debacle, where the pancake emporium stopped doing what they do best, and made burgers for about a week.

People were unhappy, but IHOP were emboldened; now, ahead of National Pizza Day, IHOP have come out with their own version of pizza... which is also a pancake, weirdly enough. Say hello, ladies and gentlemen, to the 'Pancizza'  - pronounced "pan-keet-za", according to the guys at IHOP. Because there's no way you'd figure that out on your own.

Pancizza Credit: IHOP

While it's not quite at the size of an extra-large pizza, the Pancizza is still seven inches of delicious bliss (come on, folks, be mature), and IHOP is pretty pleased to share it with you, as they revealed in a press release.

"Today, IHOP® Restaurants unveiled a never-before-seen food innovation, the Pancizza™, a combination of America’s two most favorite round foods – pancakes and pizza -- in one delicious dish. Pronounced Pan-keet-za, the limited-time menu item was created by IHOP to commemorate National Pizza Day this Saturday."

That's right, ahead of National Pizza Day on Saturday, you can get yourself a glorious Pancizza, and the best part is that you don't have to leave your house, or even put on pants: IHOP have announced they've got a pancake delivery system - as long as you live in Chicago, Dallas, New York City or Los Angeles.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, are there any three words you'd like to hear more than "pancake delivery system"? Apart from, y'know, "I love you".

"For those who prefer to eat on their couch, IHOP has partnered with DoorDash to exclusively offer delivery of 7” Pancizzas in select restaurants in the Chicago, Dallas, New York City, and Los Angeles areas from February 8-10 for $0 delivery fee for first-time DoorDash users with the code PANCIZZA."

Pancizzas Credit: IHOP

These delicious Pancizzas will come in one of three flavours; Cupcake (as seen in the video above), Bacon and Cheddar, as well as the tried and tested staple - the Original Buttermilk. Each of those come with a host of syrups, including blueberry, strawberry, butter pecan and old-fashioned (so, maple syrup).

If you happen to be in New York's iconic Bleecker Street Pizza restaurant between 11am and 11pm on the actual National Pizza Day, you can score yourself a free slice of Pancizza. For the rest of you, you're going to have to settle for paying for your pizza pancake, and I don't know about you, but it seems totally worth the price.