IHOP's 90s-inspired Grinch menu will have you stealing Christmas before you know it

IHOP's 90s-inspired Grinch menu will have you stealing Christmas before you know it

2018 has been a little bit of a weird year for IHOP, hasn't it?

For years, the International House of Pancakes was known for just that - a place where people would come from all over the world to eat pancakes - but earlier in the year, they came under fire for a pretty controversial name change. One which sent shockwaves around the food world.

Many years from now, our children will ask us (probably through a mouthful of pancakes) why for a few short months in 2018, IHOP was known as IHOb. And in hushed voices, we will inform them of the International House of burgers fiasco. In light of that, you'd forgive IHOP for trying to get their customers back on side.

As the holidays close in and Christmas looms large on the horizon, they had a massive opportunity to do that. But you kind of have to give IHOP kudos for going against everybody's love of Christmas in the most delicious way possible. We love Christmas pudding, presents and all that, but IHOP's more interested in the green guy who doesn't.

Come on, guys, we all know about the Grinch. Right?

Whether you're into the Dr Seuss book, the old-timey cartoons or that delightfully bizarre live-action film starring Jim Carrey as the eponymous Christmas hater, the Grinch is perfect for anyone who doesn't like Christmas, but who also doesn't want to be associated with the guy who had to be convinced by ghosts not to let a poor orphan die.

But now, instead of popping the Grinch into your DVD player this Christmas, go to IHOP for the perfect Grinch-themed menu. Oh, and get yourself a Netflix account, you Philistine. From now right up until New Year's Eve, you can head over to IHOP, and enjoy not one, not two, but six different meals from a Grinch-themed menu.

So, what do we have? First off, let's start with the Minty Who Hot Chocolate. The accompanying press release to all this Grinch-themed madness says it's "hot chocolate with mint syrup topped with creamy green whipped topping and red candy hearts". That's almost too sweet. Almost.

IHOP Grinch menu Credit: IHOP

Next up: we've got the Grinch's Green Pancakes and the Whoville Holiday Cheesecake French Toast, filled with sweet cream cheesy goodness, whipped cream topping and plenty of carbs. If you're a fan of candy, go for the pancakes, while those of a fruity persuasion should try out the french toast.

But enough of the sweet treats; let's get some of that meaty savoury goodness, and the Who-Roast Beast Omelette is an eggs-cellent place to start.

There's barely any room for the egg with "shredded beef, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, sautéed jalapeños, onions and golden hash browns topped with tangy BBQ sauce, more shredded cheese and a Serrano pepper", and if you weren't filled up enough by that, you can get the omelette with three buttermilk pancakes.

IHOP Kid's menu Credit: IHOP

"That sounds like a lot," you're probably thinking, "but what about if I have a child's appetite? Won't somebody think of the children?" Well, I don't know what to tell you: IHOP have thought of that too. Their final two menu items are for the Little Whos out there: the Young Grinch Minty Who Hot Chocolate, and the Mt. Crumpet Kids Combo.

Now, amidst all this deliciousness, I completely forgot that the new Grinch animated movie with Benedict Cumberbatch is out in two weeks! But no matter which Grinch is your favourite, I think you're going to have a great time at IHOP either way, recalling all of your favourite Grinch moments.