Incredible footage shows man outrunning an avalanche

Incredible footage shows man outrunning an avalanche

A man from Canada used his cellphone to capture the alarming moment he outran an avalanche, which plummeted full force down a mountain.

The dramatic footage was caught by Bryon Howard, from Calgary, Alberta, who was in the middle of a run along Lakeshore Trail up on a mountain around Lake Louise when he got caught up in the avalanche.

Check out the heart-pounding moment when he gets caught up in an avalanche:

At about 5pm, Howard's tranquil run turned into a precarious and potentially dangerous situation when an avalanche came tumbling down towards the trail. Initially, he managed to run to the side of the trail which the avalanche had not reached, but he then ended up getting caught in the cloud of snow and mist.

"Wow, it's crazy! Wow! Wow," Howard can be heard saying over and over, evidently in awe of what he has just witnessed.

"Avalanche into Lake Louise. Just wild!" he then says.

Credit: Facebook / Bryon Howard

Howard shared the incredible footage on Facebook over the weekend, writing: "Holy. Running at Lake Louise yesterday when I got a surprise to find myself engulfed by snow drift... the tailings of an avalanche. I was up relatively high on the trail & really didn’t feel the snow could "swallow" me. I ran "away" pretty hard anyway!"

"I looked over my shoulder, I kind of heard something and there was an avalanche heading my way,' he told CBC.

Credit: Facebook / Bryon Howard

"I felt as if there was no way that avalanche can get me because you know, it has to come off the side of the mountain onto the lake on the other side - which is about 100 meters (.06 miles) from where I am… but as it was coming closer and closer I thought, oh, I'd better run," Howard - who had been running with his wife, daughter, and son when the avalanche started - continued to the publication.

"I heard this huge cracking sound and then watched the avalanche fall down and was like, 'oh, no, I hope my parents aren't under there," said his son Jacob. "It was just kind of filled the area with snow."