Incredibly hot junior doctor is getting people into politics

Incredibly hot junior doctor is getting people into politics

In the midst of the bizarrely marred political landscape that the 21st century has become, it's hard to maintain a grip on what's real, and what's part of a particularly complicated - and not especially entertaining - Black Mirror plot.

Indeed, Charlie Brooker's dystopian look at technology and society's dark underbelly has come eerily close to running parallel to real life several times now. We had the -ahem- 'pig' scenario, which was taken to the nth degree in the very first ever episode of Black Mirror (though in the TV show the Prime Minister consorted with a swine in a bizarre act of noble self sacrifice). Then came there came the revelation that China was considering adopting a model for social 'rating' that recalled 'Nosedive'- an episode of Black Mirror in which Bryce Dallas Howard discovers the pitfalls of pursuing social standing among strangers.

Female doctor shows off her incredibly ripped physique on Instagram:

With the 45th President of the United States pronouncing every perceived slight and potentially detrimental headline as 'fake news', and his counterpart in England Boris Johnson sending his father to attend a climate change debate on his behalf, things are hardly seeming to improve.

So what are we to do? Do we just wash our hands of the whole political landscape, draw the curtains and play FIFA while mindlessly eating Pringles until it's all over?

Well no, we shouldn't, at least according to one particularly hunky doctor, who's using his profile and jaw-dropping good looks to encourage us all to engage in politics once more.

Here he is with a playful reminder to us to register to vote:

And just for reference, here's Dr Ryan working out:

As the views on his political rallying cry to urge people to register to vote continue to climb, Dr Ryan told BuzzFeed News that he was surprised at how much traction his post has received;

"Of all the things on social media, I never thought my 'register to vote' post would get that kind of attention. If even a handful of young people register and turn out on polling day because of it, I'll be a happy man. Young people have the chance to transform the result of this election."

And as an NHS Junior Doctor, Ryan says that he's reminded of the importance of voting;

"I don't think you could do my job and not think that voting is important. You see and treat the full spectrum of society every day and see how politics affects all of us. I'll be voting tactically for the party that can show a track record of funding the NHS and ensuring our immigration policy means we recruit and keep the staff it needs."

It's fair to say that his message seems to have gotten through, even if it did lead to countless Twitter users pretending to be sick to get his attention.

Political thirst-trapping? Maybe it's the next big thing. Let's just hope the party leaders don't decide to try it out for themselves.