Inflatable cooler pool float is basically a floating light-up bar

Inflatable cooler pool float is basically a floating light-up bar

It's officially June - which means those summer parties are starting up already. While the hottest days of the year aren't quite here yet, there's still time to get ready to make yours one to remember.

When the heat hits, jumping in a pool is the absolute best feeling when you have the opportunity - but on the other hand it is pretty fun to be able to chill out in the warm sun with a beer or two.

Group of friends floating in a pool togerther celebrating summer by saying cheers with colourful beverages in bottles Credit: Getty

Now you can do both with PoolCandy's cooler - but it can go a little further than just storing a couple of drinks while you float around in the pool.

The Illuminated Buffet Cooler is four feet long, giving you plenty of room for drinks, ice, and food. On top of that, it is powered by LED lights to keep it lit up when the sun goes down and the party is still running. These lights have three different options to choose from: strobe, flash, or still - so you can pick which fits the vibe of your shindig.

poolparty illuminated buffet cooler Credit: PoolParty

Make sure you have some AA batteries on hand (remember when we used these for everything?) as each float requires three of them to keep the LED lights running. As far as the floats themselves go, they're insulated to make sure your icy beverages stay cool all night.

If you wanted to pick up some of these, they're available from a range of places. PoolCandy and eBay are both selling them for $24.99, while Nordstrom Rack is selling them for $16.97. And if you've got a Prime account, you can pop over to Amazon and land some for just $10.96.