Influencers slammed for promoting new 'potentially lethal' online challenge

Influencers slammed for promoting new 'potentially lethal' online challenge

Influencers have been slammed for promoting a new "potentially lethal" challenge online.

Dangerous online challenges are nothing new. In 2018, we saw one of the most notorious, The Tide Pod Challenge, which encouraged people to consume detergent pods, despite doctors warning of its potentially lethal consequences.

This is the latest way people are dangerously challenging themselves online: 

The latest ridiculous online challenge is called the Milk and Cereal Challenge, and, as the name suggests, it involves eating milk and cereal. But not in a normal way. Instead, it involves putting cereal into a person's mouth and then pouring milk into it, creating a potentially lethal choking hazard - not that it would take an expert to work that one out.

However, it's not the person lying down who's supposed to eat the cereal, it's the person doing the pouring. In essence, turning their friend into a human bowl - providing, of course, that they are able to consume enough cereal and milk to allow the other person to scoop out a spoonful.

This is another explicit example of just how dangerous the challenge is: 

The challenge, which appears to have originated on TikTok, is now making waves across various social media platforms, and on Twitter, it has been slammed for obvious reasons, with users criticizing influencers for promoting dangerous behavior their likely young and impressionable followers.

In response to the challenge, one Twitter user wrote, "Oh hell nah."

Another remarked: "This could actually promote someone choking and dying. Nice role model."

A third said: "Someone's gonna choke to death with that #cerealchallenge."

A fourth wrote: "People doing the "cereal challenge" are stupid!!!! Seriously #cerealchallenge #stupidity #newgeneration"

Personally, I think I'll stick with eating my cereal from a bowl like a normal person.