Instagram couple spark backlash over another ‘life-threatening’ photo

Instagram couple spark backlash over another ‘life-threatening’ photo

An Instagram couple who hit the headlines earlier in the year for an "irresponsible" photo stunt have done it again.

Kelly Castille and Kody Workman are travel influencers who share their lives with a following of 159K.

While the majority of their snaps are #RelationshipGoals and #TravelGoals, there are others which, if you didn't know better, could have been taken seconds before a tragedy - like the image below, which has been causing controversy since it was posted on August 28.

The daring picture was taken above a lake in Peru and features Kelly holding Kody's arms while supporting herself with one foot.

Despite being such a dangerous stunt, the couple appeared to encourage others to do the same, posting a clichéd inspirational quote about the benefits of traveling below - a combination which was praised by the couples' legions of loyal fans.

The majority of people who commented on the image, however, were not in its favor, rightfully pointing out that no picture - no matter how spectacular - is worth risking your life for.

"Ah so scary! Hope you guys were safe," one commenter wrote.

"This looks so scary," a second agreed.

A third remarked: "Quite dangerous shot and give the idea to others to push their limits."

"Wow... that's too much," a fourth said.

"That's some serious trust, and trust of yourself," remarked a fifth.

Sixth said what's likely on most people's minds, writing: "Oh you guys are gonna get in trouble again."

In case you're wondering, this is the picture which landed Kelly and Kody in hot water back in April. It was branded "stupid" and "ridiculous" by the couples' critics, but in a subsequent interview with Fox News, they insisted that what they were doing was "safe".

This comes as an increased number of people are losing their lives in pursuit of the ultimate selfie. A 2018 study found that there were an estimated 259 selfie deaths between October 2011 and November 2017.