Instagram influencer posts 'unready' photos to encourage people to embrace their bodies

Instagram influencer posts 'unready' photos to encourage people to embrace their bodies

Australian Instagram influencer Ariella Nyssa is posting what she refers to as "unready" photos, with the intention of inspiring young social media users who usually aspire for 'perfection' where their physical appearance is concerned.

Passionate body positivity activist Bebe Rexha speaks on the importance of loving yourself exactly the way you are:

And so the Sydney-based body positivity activist took to the app to post a so-called unready photo - in other words, the sort of photo that ends up getting deleted because they don't fit in with society's ideas about physical perfection.

"Images. Images that are taken and stashed away in a camera roll," Alyssa writes in the caption. "Until we sift through and delete them because they don’t fit into how society sees us or how we want to see ourselves."

"I urge you, post your unready photos!" she continues. "Post the photos that you “don’t like” at first glance. It’s so freeing and makes you realise how BEAUTIFUL you really are."

Since Ariella posted the "unready" snap, plenty of her followers - particularly young women - have been expressing their gratitude in the comments.

"You truly are magical! Your beauty is so deep," one follower said.

This young influencer had her plastic surgeon confirm that her bum is 100 percent real:

"You are helping so many girls like me love themselves more and more with every post," shared another. "You have no idea. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re magical and SO needed."

"You’re beautiful and real and that’s what the world loves," another user agreed.

In September, the swimwear enthusiast set up another Instagram account called The Self Love Bible, where she posts photos of followers who radiate 'self-love'.

Other topics the 22-year-old influencer has delved into the wider realm of body positivity include bloating, cellulite and avoiding reliance on photo editing tools.