Instagram model shares hilarious video of her bikini shower going horribly wrong

Instagram model shares hilarious video of her bikini shower going horribly wrong

Being conventionally attractive has always had its benefits for those who are lucky enough to be born with such a quality, but never before has it been as lucrative a feature as it is now in the age of social media. These days, all you need is an Instagram account, some nice cheekbones, and maybe a set of abs, and - boom - you've got yourself the makings of an Insta model, my friend.

Unfortunately, being sexy doesn't solve all of life's problems (regardless of what those teen transformation movies might suggest), and even the most beautiful specimens amongst us still run into trouble every now and then.

Take Charly Jordan, for example. She describes herself as a "Creative Director, DJ, [and] Model" on Instagram, and frequently posts pictures and videos of herself to the picture-sharing platform. But - as simple as this feat sounds - it isn't always as straightforward as it looks.

In a recent post, Jordan shared a clip of herself enjoying a shower - because, when you're that hot, why the hell not?

Unfortunately for her, it all went horribly wrong.

Of course, when all you're trying to do is wash your hair (and lure in some thirsty dudes on the internet), there's only so much that can go wrong... so, let's play a little game. What do you think happens in the clip?

a) The shower head magically falls off the hook, knocking the model square in the forehead

b) Jordan reaches for something on the ground, slips, and is left with her legs comically waving in the air

c) A passing bird decides that it also wants in on the shower, and flies straight into Jordan

Got your guess in mind? Ok, let's find out what really happened...

Yes, as if a sign from the 'stop posting shower videos' gods themselves, the model gets smacked on the head by the shower head as it falls off the wall. So, if you guessed 'A', congratulations! You win absolutely nothing.

To be fair to her, Jordan took it all in her stride, and posted the clip with the caption, "When you get hit with that “k” reply..."

A lot of people in the comments saw the funny side, too, with many of them leaving not-so-sympathetic replies for her.

"That’s gonna leave a mark!!" said one user.

"Boom, headshot!" added another.

Of course, though, there were the usual creepers in there too.

"Ouch... nice body though!" said one guy.

"Ooh my god be careful baby," another commented.

She may have had a bit of a mishap, then, but Jordan pulled it off in style. And, you know what? I take back what I said about Insta models at the top. You do need more than just a nice face and a hot bod in order to work the 'gram for all it has. You also need the humility to accept that not all your posts will be perfect - and the tolerance for weirdos who slide into your DMs.