Instagram star praised after 'important' bikini snap goes viral

Instagram star praised after 'important' bikini snap goes viral

An Australian Instagram influencer has gone viral after sharing an "important" bikini snap.

Taking to the social media platform, Sarah Davidson (Holloway), shared a picture of herself lounging by a pool in what many would class as a classic #bodygoals snap, but all was not as it seemed.

In addition to this picture, she'd also included two more realistic pictures of herself in a bikini - makeup-free and belly rolls out.

She captioned the photos: "How I sometimes look in swimmers vs how I mostly look in swimmers."

Sarah added that she had been "reflecting on how harshly we compare ourselves 90% of the time to other people's 10% of the time."

A woman in a bikini. Credit: Instagram / spoonful_of_sarah

She continued: "It's so important to keep a grasp on perspective and be kind to yourself in this crazy landscape we find ourselves in."

Needless to say, Sarah received a lot of praise for keeping things real on a platform that's repeatedly come under fire for promoting unrealistic body and lifestyle standards - even in the wake of the Body Positivity Movement.

A woman in a bikini. Credit: Instagram / spoonful_of_sarah

One Instagram user gushed: "You look really good.'

Another added: "Keeping it real. Beautiful inside and out even with your bloops.”

A third praised: "OH MY GOODNESS."

While a fourth commented: "I love you. Can't wait to meet you one day. You are so inspirational and an amazing human being."

And a fifth said: "Lol I love you."

In the video below, Bebe Rexha talks about body positivity and her love of Nandos:

Thankfully, Sarah isn't the only person using social media to try and change beauty standards for the better.

One plus-size Instagram influencer has made the brave decision to speak about her journey from suffering from anorexia (an illness often inspired by unrealistic body standards) to body positivity.

And Gigi and Bella Hadid's plus-size cousin has also opened up about being comfortable in her own skin, despite being related to two of the world's best-known and classically beautiful supermodels.