Japanese couple married 39 years wear matching outfits every day

Japanese couple married 39 years wear matching outfits every day

How do you keep things fresh after 39 years of marriage?

One couple from Japan might well have the answer, after it was revealed that they wear matching outfits every day, and they've garnered a considerable social media following in the process.

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The couple post pictures of their flawlessly complementary outfits to their popular Instagram page, bonpon511, where they've amassed 800,000 followers thanks to their sartorial excellence.

Have a look at some of their matching masterpieces:

Two years ago, The Telegraph reported that the stylish couple had been married for 37 years, doubtless providing fashion inspiration for countless followers along the way.

And last year, The Guardian revealed that the couple, who are in their 60s, have published two books celebrating married life and launched their own clothing range in association with a designer at a Japanese department store. Tsuyoshi and Tomi Seki are the couple behind the popular account. Last year Tomi told the Guardian that their daughter is to thank for their celebrity status;

“She took photos of us and posted them on her own Instagram account. She received lots of comments so suggested that we start our own account.”

And though the couple are clearly at the veritable zenith of style, they say they get much of their wardrobe from high street brands;

“Of course we’re happy to be described as style icons in the media, but that’s not really how we see ourselves. We wear simple, inexpensive clothes that anyone can buy,” Tomi told the Guardian.

The couple want to demonstrate that retirement should mark the start of a second life, a chance to find new things to enjoy together. They have undoubtedly inspired their followers with their positive outlook on life, as well as their status as true style icons.