Jell-O Shot Jenga exists and it will get the party started every single time

Jell-O Shot Jenga exists and it will get the party started every single time

It's a truth universally acknowledged that drinking and playing games go hand in hand. And if you're someone who tends to pull out a deck of cards whenever the opportunity arises, you're going to just adore this new party game that perfectly combines boozing with everyone's favorite Hasbro tower.

Now, you can purchase Jell-O Shot Jenga from Brian Calteaux from Winona, Minnesota, who sells these on his Etsy shop, StonePointWooodwork, per Crafty Morning, and the game is just as ingenious as you'd expect them to be.

Each item looks like a typical Jenga tower with 54 pieces, but hidden inside some of the blocks are slots to disguise Jell-O shots. As you play, if you happen to pull out one of those blocks, the shot inside is yours - congratulations!

Credit: Etsy / StonePointWooodwork

The product's official description reads:

"Looking for a "tipsy tipsy" good time? Here's double trouble! Fifteen of the blocks in this tower contains single holes for Jello shots and five of the blocks contain double holes...Pull the block with the shot/shots and you take them or share with a friend!

"Tipping and double Jello shots? How tall will it go?

"The set includes: 54 natural, sanded 7.5" blocks - with 15 single and 5 double holes to hide away Jello shots, 25 1-oz. Jello shot cups with lids, laminated rules, and recipe card. It stands 27" tall.

"Perfect for backyard get-togethers, graduations, Ladies Nights Out, camping, wedding parties, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, tailgating, etc. It makes a great gift too!"

Credit: Etsy / StonePointWooodwork

Luckily for us, Brian made the game incredibly foolproof: it comes with 25 1-oz. Jell-O shot cups, complete with lids, laminated rules for how to play, and a recipe card if you're not super confident on how to make Jell-O shots for yourself.

Brian also sells two versions of the game on the Etsy shop, one with pieces that contain one shot for $79 and another with pieces that contain two shots for $89.

As you can imagine, this game is perfect for any occasion you could possibly conjure up; whether you're throwing a hen-do, birthday party, or wedding... or you and some friends are just bored one Thursday. I mean, just think about it - if you need to break the ice in any way or escalate a party which seems to be going downhill, this is the perfect antidote.

Credit: Etsy / StonePointWooodwork

And the reviews are, understandably, super positive (in fact, StonePointWoodwork is currently rated an impressive 5 out of 5 stars).

One happy customer called Laura left the store a 5/5 review, writing: "So much fun! Item exactly as described. Recipe card/rules is a nice added feature. Great craftmanship. I ordered on a Saturday, asked the seller if it could ship out asap and was sent out first thing Monday. Highly recommend. Thank you again, this will be a "must pack" for every tailgating party."

I can already taste summer!