Kahlúa is now making a ready-to-drink espresso martini and it comes in a can

Kahlúa is now making a ready-to-drink espresso martini and it comes in a can

The espresso martini dates back to the late 1980s, with one person claiming they made it for a woman who wanted something that would "wake me up, and then f*ck me up". It's definitely kicked into high gear in the last few years, becoming oft-requested in more bars, with even more patrons than ever looking to try them out.

Back in the Spring, Kahlúa launched their very own Espresso Style Martini for everyone out there who has become obsessed with caffeinated cocktails.

Made using Kahlúa coffee liqueur, roasted Arabica coffee and vodka (according to their website's product description), the delicious concoction comes in a handy can to skip over all the mixing.

This canned drink comes in a pack of four, with each can serving two drinks. On top of that, it yields a nitro foam once it's poured, meaning it will foam up and look practically good as any bar espresso martini.

You can find them wherever regular Kahlúa beverages are sold. If you want to figure out the nearest place you can grab one of these, you should head over to their store locator on their website here.

Or, if you're looking to try to make on yourself from scratch, Kahlúa also has their own recipe (that you can read online) that requires a mix of equal parts Kahlúa, espresso and vodka, mixed together with ice in a shaker.

So, as long as you've got the shaker and the espresso maker on hand, it isn't that hard to pull off. You can also follow the process yourself with this video from the brand's YouTube channel:

But there are definitely those times when putting that extra effort into making a drink isn't something you're up to - that's when those handy cans of espresso martini come in handy.