Kate Middleton has caused worldwide outrage after admitting she doesn't like pepperoni on pizza

Kate Middleton has caused worldwide outrage after admitting she doesn't like pepperoni on pizza

Few things in this world can cause as much debate as that most wondrous of foods, pizza. Whether it's the pineapple vs no pineapple controversy, the thick vs thin crust war, or the absolute room-divider that is a BBQ base, all of us have our preferred stance on how to enjoy the savoury treat.

Having said that, some people are just wrong.

There are simply some things you have to accept about pizza. Cheese, for example, is an absolute must-have on the dish (come at me, vegans), and there is no way in hell you can convince me that anchovies are ever a good idea. Oh, and if you think pepperoni doesn't belong on pizza, you can get out right now - and take Kate Middleton with you.

DUNEDIN, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 13: (L-R) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend 'Rippa Rugby' in the Forstyth Barr Stadium on day 7 of a Royal Tour to New Zealand on April 13, 2014 in Dunedin, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand, the first official trip overseas with their son, Prince George of Cambridge. (Photo by David Rowland - Pool/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

At a recent visit to a school in London, the Duchess of Cambridge got her hands dirty by making some pizza with a group of young children. While rolling out the dough, she asked the kids what sort of things they like to put on top of their pies, and got all sorts of answers from mozzarella (normal) to cucumber (absolutely not normal).

It was at this point that Kate revealed she doesn't like the pepperoni, claiming she prefers bacon because it's "not as spicy".

Look, we know the royals are slightly out of touch in a lot of ways - but this? This is, quite frankly, grounds for dissolving the monarchy altogether. And Twitter agrees.

What was perhaps more intriguing, however, was the question asked by one little girl participating in the pizza-making: "Has the queen ever had pizza?"

Unfortunately, Kate didn't have the answer. "I don't know," she said. "Maybe next time I see her I should ask."

Yes, Kate, you absolutely should. And while you're at it, maybe check if she has a problem with pepperoni, too - because if she does, we may have a serious problem on our hands. After all, how are we to trust someone with sovereignty over a country if we can't even trust her to choose the right pizza toppings?