KFC is testing Taco Bell inspired crispy chicken tacos

KFC is testing Taco Bell inspired crispy chicken tacos

The news that two of your favorite things are finally joining forces is always exciting. Whether it’s Batman and Superman, Alien and Predator, or chocolate and pizza, the anticipation of what could be great is ultimately worth it, even if the end result is usually crushingly disappointing. Now, it’s time to get excited all over again for something that, if it comes off, could make all your wildest foodie fantasies come true. 

Apparently inspired by one of their closest fast-food rivals, KFC has decided to unveil a revolutionary new approach to fried chicken. Instead of serving the Colonel’s finger-lickin' food in its customary bucket or burger bap, KFC France has taken a leaf out of the Taco Bell cookbook and wrapped their chicken in a crispy taco shell. On paper, it sounds like one of the most exciting concepts to ever come out of a fast-food kitchen. 

Though the new release stops short of being a full-blown, official collaboration, it shouldn’t come as any great surprise to learn that KFC is copying Taco Bell. Both franchises are actually owned by the same corporation, American-based Yum! Brands, who are generally considered to be the most powerful fast food group on the planet. Given that Taco Bell and KFC both fight under the same banners, it’s almost more surprising that the two don’t team up more often. 

While the news that KFC could be about to branch into the taco business is certainly headline worthy, it isn’t the only tangent that French fried chicken cooks are apparently interested in exploring. In addition to the new Double Tacos, KFC France have also released a limited-edition fried chicken “hot dog”, featuring American cheese, jalapenos, hot sauce, and mustard. While it remains to be seen whether either of these creations ultimately gets the green light for a global release, it certainly seems to be an exciting time for eccentric fast-food fans.

This article originally appeared on twistedfood.co.uk