KFC reveal their 'biggest burger ever'

KFC reveal their 'biggest burger ever'

As far as chicken burgers go, is there any better place to go for some delicious fried poultry than KFC? Not likely.

With Popcorn Chicken, Boneless Banquets and even the Original Recipe Bucket, there are plenty of tasty options to enjoy, but there's nothing quite like the burgers, huh? Well, if you're a fan of the Zinger or the Tower Burger, then I've got something that'll send your tastebuds to dreamland.

Last weekend was National Fried Chicken Day. It flew largely  under the radar, but KFC released a very, very large burger to commemorate the big day, and we think you'll very much appreciate it.

Hacker Burger Credit: KFC

Say hello to the Hacker Burger, folks. It's beautiful, isn't it? Zinger chicken fillet, cheese, gravy, a hash brown and garlic mayo? Sign me up. Sign. Me. Up. Get in my belly.

A KFC spokesperson paid tribute to the incredible Hacker Burger, gushing to the Daily Star about how incredible it is.

"We just had to go big for National Fried Chicken Day," they said. "And what better way to celebrate than with a burger in honour of the real chicken aficionados? Our fans always tell us about their favourite KFC items, so it was only fitting to put them all together for the ultimate National Fried Chicken Day treat!"

Well, I can probably guess what you're wondering: where can you get this burger so you can stuff it down you as quickly as humanly possible? There's the catch, folks: you've got to make it yourself. Thus the 'hack' part of this Hacker Burger, chicken lovers. Here's how you do it.

KFC Credit: Getty

You're going to need a Zinger Tower Burger without the mayo and salsa, then a Mini Fillet Burger with no mayo, plus a pot of gravy and some garlic mayo dip. Now, take off the top of the Tower Burger, removing all of the delicious fillings for later. Then, on the bottom bun, apply that garlic mayo, and take the lettuce from the Zinger and add it on top.

Great. Now, add your Zinger chicken fillet, then another layer of garlic mayonnaise, then add the hash brown and the cheese. Then, it's time for your Mini fillet to enter the party, topped with a layer of gravy. Just drizzle it on in there. You have any cheese left? Add it in, before finishing things off with that extra lettuce from the Mini Fillet. Mmmm. Delicious.

Great. Now my mouth's watering. Got to head to KFC, ASAP.