KFC's new 'Nutella Kream Ball' is everything you could ever want in a dessert

KFC's new 'Nutella Kream Ball' is everything you could ever want in a dessert

Picture this, food lovers.

You're at KFC, as any self-respecting human is wont to do, and although your fried chicken addiction has been sated, those 11 herbs and spices soothing the itch deep in your stomach, something's not right. There's a hole in your soul, and unlike every other problem you encounter, this one cannot be filled with fried chicken.

This is a phenomenon experts have identified as 'dessert time'.

You're going to want something sweet and cold, but a simple sip of your Coke won't do the trick. You need something solid, something rich and flavourful, and ideally, it'll be cold. But remember: you've just had a bucket of fried chicken, and you're going to need a forklift or a complicated pulley system to carry you to a dessert place.

KFC have your back, and with their latest dessert reveal, you won't have to leave the restaurant until security have to roll you out of the door at closing time. It's not just ice cream, folks - it's Nutella as well.

Yeah, you read that right.

Say hello to the Nutella Kream Ball - I don't particularly understand why the 'Kream' is spelled that way; is Khloé Kardashian involved? - the latest dessert from our chief chicken connoisseurs, KFC. But unlike that deep bucket of chicken-flavoured grease, the Nutella Kream Ball is a little different from your standard fare.

Nutella? yes. Ice cream? Absolutely. But your sweetness sits upon a throne of muesli, which gives this decadent dessert a decidedly overnight oats feel. What's more, that extra detail makes this dessert a little more Instagrammable - wouldn't you love to take a couple hundred selfies with this little dessert in a globe?

But, sadly, I have some bad news for you, my food-loving folks and dessert-loving dudes. Habitez-vous en France? If you had no idea what I just asked you (or if your answer is "non", those of you from Québec or Switzerland), then I regret to inform you that the Nutella Kream Ball is probably not for you - it's only available in France at the moment.

But let's put it this way - I've heard France is lovely at this time of year. A little cold, sure, but so's this delicious dessert. And when you're visiting a new country, then I think it's very important - vital, even - that you have something familiar to enjoy when you're out there. Something like Nutella, maybe?


Although the company that own Nutella - Ferrero - are in fact headquartered in Italy, France have a pretty unique relationship with the chocolate-hazelnut spread. Back in 2016, French government came under fire after trying to introduce a 'Nutella Tax' - implemented on palm oil, one of Nutella's main ingredients.

And who could forget the time that a supermarket chain offered more than 70 percent off on jars of Nutella, and people literally came to blows over the tubs? I don't know about you, but any nation full of people willing to put his fellow man in the ground over Nutella is the kind of nation I want to live in.