Kim Kardashian says she'll give up her abs for this one food

Kim Kardashian says she'll give up her abs for this one food

It's no secret the Kardashians like to keep up with their fitness. One Instagram pic alone (which they sell for millions, just so you know) tells us they lift heavy, sweat loads and eat well - somehow managing to look amazing while doing so. Wrongly or not, they are the envy of many an aspiring gym-goer/healthy lifestyle-liver.

Kim isn't afraid to talk about it either - have you ever checked out her app? After what some might call a lul however - to borrow a famous Fergie phrase - Kim Kardashian has been hardcore "working on her fitness" for the past several months. And though the reality star proudly talks about her 24-inch waist, she admits that she can't completely go for six-pack abs because of her love for one, cold-and-creamy food.

The KKW Beauty mogul recently took to Instagram stories to share a photo of her trainer Melissa Alcantara - or more specifically, of her trainer's impressively cut abs. "I could have these abs but I love (ice cream) too much," Kardashian wrote, to caption the pic.

Same, so same. For me though I'd probably have to add the pasta, burger, cake, basically every food emoji to make it true for me. While the title of the "healthy one" may belong to her older sister Kourtney, Kim's body has been the focus of many a headline down the years. So, what does the Kween Kardashian eat in order to keep her curves in check and her stomach so flat (instead of ripped as eluded to before)?

It's mostly all down to Mel. Aside from dragging the reality star through gruelling workouts six times a week, Melissa is also in charge of ensuring that the star eats well and keeps up her healthy habits. Generally, Kim follows a paleo diet with processed foods being completely off the menu.

"Most likely if it comes out of a box, it’s not going to be good for you," Melissa says, adding: "She’s eating well and she’s feeling good." Kim begins her day with blueberry oatmeal pancakes, with Melissa saying that "Kim loves them!"

For lunch, the mom-of-three tends to have a balanced meal of protein and carbs - with chicken, sweet potato and veggies being a classic example of her midday meal. Then, for dinner, Kim rounds off her day with some fish and veg.

Kim's diet sound pretty straight-forward, but it no doubt takes a certain amount of willpower to eat this cleanly 24/7. We all get cravings for fast food, and Melissa does tell Kim to indulge in her cravings every now and then. However, despite her PT letting her off the leash, Kim seems pretty determined to stay on the gain train. With the exception of one or two ice creams of course.

What we can all agree on is that Kim inspires and insults in equal measure. All of this and she has undisputable killer bod.