Kit Kat releases new raspberry & creme flavour

Kit Kat releases new raspberry & creme flavour

In the crowded world of confectionary, it's tough to stand out.

That goes doubly true for the festive period, when brands battle it out for weeks on end to get the attention of us bewildered customers. This year, ahead of Christmas, we had a huge plethora of festive offerings from Aldi (including a wine advent calendar), Grinch-themed holiday cookies from Nestlé Toll House and even some special new flavours from the Coca Cola company.

Check out our very own recipe for a giant Valentine's strawberry eclair:

Now, though, Christmas is already disappearing into the rear view mirror, and that means it's time for brands to get creative all over again to win our custom in the frugal, frosty months of January and February.

February, of course, has something of a natural advantage there, as it heralds in the imminent arrival of Valentine's Day.

Yes, before you know it, it will be time to spend an improbable amount of money on a card, flowers and sentimental piece of jewellery for your significant other.

So why not get ahead of the game by getting your hands on a delicious-sounding new Kit Kat flavour: raspberry and creme.

Spotted by the eagle-eyed folk over at Candy Hunting, the flavour has received a generally positive reception so far. Candy Hunting wrote;

"Here are the new Raspberry + Crème Kit Kats for Valentine's! I found these at Walmart, but they are not a store exclusive. They taste very sweet and have an artificial red berry flavor, but I still really enjoy them. The filling between the wafers is not raspberry flavored, though. Here's a fun fact: The layer between the wafers is ground up defect Kit Kats. It's called "rework" and happens quite frequently in the food industry. Anyway, these Kit Kats are quite good despite not tasting like actual raspberries. 8/10."

Junk Banter also picked up the new flavour, writing;

"Did you have a great Christmas yesterday? Great! Welp, it’s Valentine’s Day now. And fellas, that means it’s time to buy her MORE GIFTS so start stocking up on the candy today. New this year are Raspberry + Creme Kit Kats which will see a wide release across stores like Walmart, pharmacies, and local groceries (I got mine at Stop & Shop.) Hopefully she likes them and she doesn’t break up with you before Easter (next week.)"

If you can't wait until Valentine's Day to try the new flavour then fear not, because it appears as though the flavour is already appearing in stores including Walmart.