Landlord blocks out tenants' windows with giant iPhone ad

Landlord blocks out tenants' windows with giant iPhone ad

Perhaps the most contentious relationships out there are those between a landlord and their tenants. You can keep your crazy exes or unbearable former bosses - because the disdain I have for my former landlords outranks all of them.

From unannounced visits to increasing the rent, there are thousands of stories out there that prove renting can be a real headache. However, this may be one the of most bizarre and baffling cases to ever come from disgruntled tenants.

A landlord in London is facing prosecution after having a huge advert for iPhone installed across his tenants' windows without any warning.

Per the Metro, up to 19 households within the Dalston, east London property are believed to have been deprived of natural sunlight after the banner promoting the latest iPhone was put up.

Residents of the flats claim the hoarding was installed three years ago without notice and that their complaints have been repeatedly dismissed.

Speaking to The Independent, resident Sevineh Nazif, 42, said:

"There’s no sunlight, no view out of the window. When the windows are closed I can’t breathe, I feel claustrophobic. We never see the sun, it feels like we’re blocked out from everything. We’ve been abandoned.

"The landlord said the company had the right to put what they want up there. They’re not bothered. As long as they’re getting money for the advert they don’t care."

Another occupant of the building, Ahmed Mehjoob, 55, added: "They just came and put it up. They said this is what we are doing, if you don’t like it you can leave the building. They are getting money from these people. They don’t care about us.

"One day, I tried to cut it with a knife. I made a hole. They called me and said don’t do this again because they are renting to a company. The advertising company called the landlord and complained.

"For us, there is no light, no sun, it is blocking us from the outside. It makes you isolated."

Mr Mehjoob addded that his rent costs £257 per week in housing benefit.

Commenting on the incident to The Sun, Green Party candidate Alex Armitage said: "When your landlord sells the sunlight coming through your window, you know how brutal modern Britain can be.

"Families are living there in desperate situations. Some are private tenants, others are homeless people housed by the council. The building is in a state of disrepair, cracked windows, rotting window frames."

Per The Sun, Hackney Council are now taking action over the poster which they branded "illegal".

In the Instagram video below, Mr Armitage revealed that the poster has indeed been taken down thanks to weeks of campaigning: 

It is believed that the owner of the building and the owner of the advert will be prosecuted and will have been issued with a court summons. Twitter users have since posted photographs of the poster apparently being taken down in the early hours of yesterday morning.