Largest 'Harry Potter' store in the world is opening in New York

Largest 'Harry Potter' store in the world is opening in New York

Incredibly, it has now been more than 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published, and 20 years since filming started on the movie of the same name.

That's proof either that time really does fly when you're having fun, or that life is a relentless march that canters on year after year with no let up and respite. I'll let you decide which one you believe to be true.

This woman can recall the Harry Potter series word-for-word:

But when it comes to Harry Potter, even after all this time, fans simply cannot get enough. Eight original movies, seven books and a spinoff series of movies later, our appetite for the boy wizard is just as voracious as it ever was.

That's probably why the largest Harry Potter store in the world is opening in New York this summer. Am I excited? Yes. Will I plan a trip to New York specifically around visiting it? Yes again.

Per People, the store will be a gargantuan 20,000 square feet, located at 935 Broadway, next to the historic Flatiron building.

And Potter merchandise fans can rest assured that this truly is the store of their dreams, since it'll house "the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products in the world under one roof.”

Daniel Radcliffe reveals his terrifying dead body stunt double:

Even more excitingly, the store promises brand new merchandise the likes of which we Potter heads haven't seen before.

Says Warner Bros Senior Vice President of Worldwide Tours and Retail Sarah Roots;

“This will be the largest dedicated Harry Potter store in the world and will become a must-visit fan destination where Harry Potter enthusiasts can engage with interactive experiences and numerous photo opportunities as they step into the magic,”

She called New York the perfect place for the mammoth Potter location adding that NYC has, "many dedicated Wizarding World fans, a cutting-edge retail environment and a community that embraces innovative experiences.”

Well, I'm off to book a summer flight to New York, see you on the other side, folks!