Le Creuset launches stunning new pastel pink collection

Le Creuset launches stunning new pastel pink collection

Le Creuset is known for being one of the most stunning kitchen brands on the market, and now it has launched a pastel pink collection. Ideal if you want to add a tasteful splash of color to your kitchen this spring.

Dubbed Shell Pink, the collection is made up of pale pink kitchenware with ombré detailing.

Le Creuset's new collection. Credit: Le Creuset

The new collection's arrival was announced on Instagram by the brand, who wrote: "Introducing Shell Pink. Gorgeously subtle, this soft and delicate shade of pink will add charm and sophistication to the kitchen."

They described it as "the perfect color to help inspire romance."

Despite being a designer brand, the pieces in the collection begin at remarkably affordable prices, with dishes starting from $9.72 (£7.50) for an ombre pink dip bowl and ($11.66) £9 for a pale pink egg cup.

There's also a stackable ramekin for $12.95 (£10) and a sweet heart-shaped plate for $17.49 (£13.50).

Le Creuset's new range. Credit: Le Creuset

In total, there are 17 pieces in the range, which also features flower-shaped plates to casserole dishes in sizes to suit every kitchen.

There's this limited edition deep heart-shaped dish, which is perfect if you've got a penchant for lovingly making large meals for your friends and family, and it will set you back $99.75 (£77).

Or if you want to have your morning coffee in style, you could invest in the pale pink cafetière and matching espresso mugs. The cafetière will set you back $73.84 (£57) and the matching mugs can be yours for $15.55 (£12) each.

A pale pink cafetière. Credit: Le Creuset

The most expensive piece in the collection is Le Creuset's casserole dish which will set you back $310.92 (£240). It's made from the brand's cast iron exterior with a toughened enamel interior, and while it is on the pricey side, it's an investment worth making as it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A casserole dish. Credit: Le Creuset

But don't worry if Le Creuset's range is completely outwith your budget. If you simply can't afford it, you're in luck, because Lidl has released a gorgeous imitation collection and it's a steal.