23-year-old woman tells date she’s transgender and he assures her it doesn’t matter

23-year-old woman tells date she’s transgender and he assures her it doesn’t matter

It's an unfortunate fact that many transgender people face suspicion, hostility, doubt, and rejection from society at large, as a result of their identity. Indeed, this kind of societal prejudice can often make romance and dating that much harder.

But this week, a transgender woman's tweet went viral, after she described the reaction a date had to the news that she was trans.

Tiffany Monroe, 23, who comes from Texas, took to Twitter this week with a screenshot of a text she apparently received from a man she was on a date with. She captioned the screenshot: "I told this guy I was trans and look at his response."

His message read: "Honestly I aint worried too much about that if that is the case. I mean, you a woman and I aint gay, so what you talking about exactly? It's 2019. I'm a grown man your past shouldn't matter like that."

On social media, Tiffany's followers reacted positively to her post, and the original tweet now boasts over 15,000 retweets. For instance, a Twitter-user with the handle @BeezMarie wrote: "I don’t want to praise him for the simple fact that we’re praising him for treating someone like a damn human being as he should, but I’m going to praise him because people ain’t sh*t anymore."

Meanwhile, someone with the handle @_clvrarose replied to the tweet saying: "In a world where trans people are treated so horribly and dehumanised, it’s an absolute breath of fresh air to see responses like that. Although, it should be the bare minimum and just common."

Tiffany later returned to Twitter to thank her followers for their support and condemn trolls for their online harassment, writing: "All the ugly men quoting this and being transphobic, I hope the girl you f*cking with gives you chlamydia. You ugly b*tches ... Anyway, thank you to all the lovely people being so nice to me, y’all are beautiful, deserve love and I hope you have a good night/day! To everyone being rude & transphobic, suck a fart outta my *ss b*tches.[sic] "

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