Lesbian couple with 28-year age gap say they're often mistaken for mom and daughter

Lesbian couple with 28-year age gap say they're often mistaken for mom and daughter

Two lesbian women with a 28-year age difference between them have revealed that they're often mistaken for a mom and her daughter by strangers.

The couple first felt the romantic sparks flying between them back on Valentine's day, 2016, after they kissed at an open mic night. Since then, 52-year-old documentary maker Paelo Marino and 24-year-old Sadie Love have been "soulmates", who want people to respect their relationship despite their age gap.

An image of Paelo Marino and Sadie Love. Credit: Press Association

Paelo, originally from Italy, had been married for 20 years to a man before she met Sadie and fell deeply in love with the young Turkish woman.

She first met Sadie through work back in 2015, but one year and a tender kiss later, she came out of the closet at the age of 45, and finally divorced her husband to spend her life with Sadie.

The women have met with some difficulties in pursuing a relationship together, particularly when Sadie moved in with Paelo in her home in Toronto - something which caused tension between her and Paelo's daughter. However, things have now settled down, and the two of them now happily vlog about their lives together on their shared YouTube channel.

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Discussing their relationship in a recent interview, Paelo stated: "I’ve had crushes on women ever since I was little but, growing up, I didn’t really understand what it meant to be a lesbian and I didn’t have anyone to speak to about my feelings. I suppose I just did what was thought of as normal and I got married and had a baby."

She continued: "We were at an open mic night where Sadie was singing. She came off the stage and just ran up and kissed me. I was just like, ‘What is going on here?’ But then it dawned on me, ‘It’s Valentine’s Day, and I don’t want to be anywhere else in the world other than here with Sadie.’ I couldn’t deny my feelings anymore."

She added: "Sometimes I struggle with my own doubts – I feel ashamed of myself because that’s the way society has made me feel. I’m self-conscious about holding Sadie’s hand or kissing her in public, as I hate the idea of people judging me. I believe opening up to a younger partner is an issue for a lot of older women ... some people say our relationship is a bit freaky, and it is – but at the same time it’s really not."

Meanwhile, Sadie stated: "I think my family still hopes I’ll end up with someone younger – but having said that, I know they’re all so accepting of our relationship. But I’m more suited to an older woman, as I’d rather stay at home and knit than go clubbing. I just get on with older women better."

She added: "I’m head over heels in love with Paelo, I want us to enjoy being in a relationship and not to care about the age difference, but I know Paelo still worries about what people think."

The couple are due to celebrate their fourth anniversary in February 2020.