Mother of transgender toddler hits back at critics

Mother of transgender toddler hits back at critics

The mother of one of Britain's youngest transgender children has spoken about the "grieving process" of the journey, but says she now has a "happy, confident daughter".

Her child, Luna Schofield, who was born biologically male, has identified as a girl since the age of three. Her mother, Jeneen - who hails from Liverpool - has been there with her, every step of the way.

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Luna reportedly asked to be a girl every Christmas and for every birthday present, and last year, at the age of seven, her name was changed via deed poll.

The NHS worker spoke to the Sunday Mirror, stating "My family felt she was too young to make the decision to be a girl, but I didn't want to tell her how she felt and knew this wasn't going away."

Suddenly I was so scared about how it might cause problems for her," she continued to the publication. "I sat in my car and cried my heart out. I didn't really know what trans meant. For weeks I was petrified Luna would have a loveless life full of people hating her."

Doctors, including television personality Dr. Raj Persaud, have advised against assuming a transgender identity before hitting puberty, but Jeneen maintains that she had to let Luna be true to herself.

A pivotal moment came at Liverpool Pride in 2016, where Jeneen met a family with a content trans daughter, who was only a year older than Luna, and wore girls' clothes every day.

Jeneen admits that that the "grieving" process had its challenges - especially when she sees old photographs of Luna - however, therapy has proved to be an invaluable resource, as it helps her cope with the "horrific" comments she sees online.

"I know she will encounter comments as she grows up, hated for something she didn't choose, but I can either have a dead son or a happy, confident daughter."