Nine-year-old transgender girl speaks out about being born in the 'wrong body'

Nine-year-old transgender girl speaks out about being born in the 'wrong body'

We live in a world where people's understanding of gender identity is changing by the day. The binary, which is defined by the sex we are assigned at birth, is no longer being strictly adhered to. In fact, there are now a total of 71 gender identities to choose from on Facebook.

While many people now believe that gender identity does exist on a spectrum, informing people that you do not identify with the sex you were assigned to at birth can have drastic implications in all areas of your life.

But this was the brave decision this nine-year-old made two years ago after realizing she'd been born in the wrong body: 

Autumn, who was born Anthony, recently appeared in an interview alongside mom, Fran, to explain her transition into living as her authentic self.

Her father, Loyd, is separated from her mom, but still plays an active role in Autumn's life.

"My initial reaction was a bit shocked," Fran said. "It's huge news. But thinking further on it, I realized that it is who she is and who she is the happiest being."

"Everyone has been incredibly supportive, and we've not really had any negativity towards Autumn or the way we are choosing to raise her," she continued.

Autumn first told her family she was born in the wrong body when she was 7-years-old. Credit: Fran Norris

In a separate segment of the interview, Fran revealed how Autumn explained that she was transgender.

"When Autumn first spoke to me, she got out of the bath and said she was not a boy anymore, she was a girl.

"She said she didn't like the fact she had a penis and should not have been born with one.

"When she said she wanted to be a mum someday and I told her she wouldn't be able to give birth to a baby, she started to well up.

"But after a little cry, she said it's okay because she would adopt all the children that other people don't want.

Autumn is pictured below with her brothers:

Transgender Autumn poses with her two cis brothers. Credit: Fran Norris

Now, in a bid to help other parents of transgender children, Fran has written a book about her experience raising Autumn - who she has admitted could go back to living as Anthony in the future.

Speaking about the moment she returned to school following her transition, Autumn told Caters news: "I didn't really tell any of my school friends - I just came in and they thought that Anthony was gone, and they just got used to me instead of Anthony."

With attempted suicide rates of 29.9% among teenage transgender girls, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports, Fran is hoping that by sharing their story, she and her daughter will help to break the stigma surrounding people who identify outside the binary.

We wish Autumn and her family all the best for the future.