Non-binary friends celebrate going topless together after having their breasts removed

Non-binary friends celebrate going topless together after having their breasts removed

Non-binary people identify as being neither male or female.

Now, two non-binary friends have celebrated becoming more comfortable in their gender identity by posing topless after having their breasts removed.

Xanthe Zeitstück and Rowan Janiszewski while, admittedly, delighted with the results of their double mastectomies, were nervous about being topless in public.

In the video below, a transgender man gives birth to a baby boy: 

Taking to social media to share images of themselves at the beach, a trip they went on with their shared boyfriend, Seran, Xanthe, who is American, wrote:

"Here I am, at the beach, shirtless, with the equally non-binary friend that helped me through my top surgery while recovering from theirs, while we watch our boyfriend frolicking in the waves."

Then, in an interview cited by Sick Chirpse, Xanthe opened up on reactions to the now-viral images:

"It's three people enjoying a day at the beach with people that they love. When you take away a lot of the politics it's a perfectly normal situation.

"But some conservatives did react like it was horrifying like it was something criminal. It was just a day at the beach and more bigoted people are really up in arms.

"I felt great about being in public. Honestly, it felt very natural."

Because the non-binary gender identity has only recently entered the mainstream consciousness, Xanthe is hoping that by sharing the pictures, he will help other people to embrace their true selves.

"I am thrilled to share the pictures. I didn't expect that much positive feedback from the picture," they wrote.

"It was a special moment and I just wanted to share it with people and maybe give a jab to the conservatives a little bit too which is what I did in my caption…

"I don't regret posting it at all. I'm really glad I did.

"Other people have gotten in touch saying they were really glad I did too because they've been nervous about going to the beach or saying they're non-binary than a binary entity.

"It's cool for people to actually have some representation."

Xanthe explained that because non-binary people exist at neither end of the gender spectrum, it was difficult for them to work out exactly what their gender identity was until they met another non-binary person.

"All throughout being a teenager and even a kid there were so many things I related to about transgender guys - but I wasn't quite there," they revealed.

"I thought things like 'I would love to have top surgery but I'm not a man' so it just wasn't connecting.

"When I was 20 I finally met my first other non-binary person and realized that there was a word for it. I discovered that there was a way to transition without having to do everything to change myself.

"A couple of years ago I decided to get HRT which definitely helped. I got top surgery. And I'm satisfied with myself.

"It's been a journey to get here and it's a relief to not be constantly uncomfortable and not constantly try to hide certain aspects of myself."