Singer Sam Smith has come out as non-binary

Singer Sam Smith has come out as non-binary

As LGBTQ+ people become more and more accepted in mainstream culture, more and more celebrities are deciding to embrace their true sexuality and gender identity and come out of the closet. If you want an example of this kind of phenomenon then look no further than Sam Smith. Smith ha often been candid about the fact that he isn't a heteronormative person.

The singer-songwriter came out as gay back in May 2014, Smith came out to the public as gay, acknowledging that he had been in a relationship with actor and model Jonathan Zeizel. When "Stay with Me" won an award for Record of the Year at the Grammy's, he stated: "I want to thank the man who this record is about, who I fell in love with last year. Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four Grammys!"

However, now Smith has opened up about his gender identity, and publically stated that he believes himself to be non-binary in a recent appearance on the actress and activist Jameela Jamil's Instagram series I Weight.

Sam stated: "You do not identify in a gender. You are just you… you are your own special creation. That is how I take it ... I’ve always had a little bit of a war going within my body and my mind. I do think like a woman sometimes, in my head. Sometimes I’ve questioned ‘Do I want a sex change?’ and it’s something I still think about, like: ‘Do I want to?’ But I don’t think it is. When I saw the words ‘non-binary’ and ‘genderqueer’ and I read into it and I heard these people speaking, I was like ‘F*ck, that’s me.’"

He added: "Non-binary genderqueer is that you do not identify in a gender. You are a mixture of different things, you are your own special creation. That’s how I take it. I’m not male or female, I think I flow somewhere in between. It’s all on the spectrum ... I’ve been with too many straight men to know that not everyone who says they are straight is fully straight. You fall in love with people, not genitals ... maybe I’m not a woman, maybe I’m just me and maybe that’s ok."

Smith also opened up about his personal struggles with his own body issues and his weight in particular. He stated that while still a schoolboy he was told by a doctor that he had an excess amount of oestrogen in his chest, which at one point left him with breasts. He was bullied because of this, and forced to undergo liposuction to remove the fatty deposits. Although his weight has often changed, Sam is keen to embrace body positivity and wants to learn to accept his own appearance.