Stranger leaves note on gay couple's doorstep thanking them for the courage to come out

Stranger leaves note on gay couple's doorstep thanking them for the courage to come out

We're well into June, which means we're well into Pride month, a time to celebrate LGBTQ people. One child in Texas did this in a very special way.

Sal Stow found the note under a rock in front of her girlfriend Meghan Stabler's home. She came across it while walking her dog. The note from the couple's neighbour reads:

"Hello. You don't know me, but my name is [sic]. We're moving away today, but I wanted to thank you. Seeing a Pride flag waving so proudly outside your house every day has given me the courage to come out to my family and be more comfortable with who I am."

Credit: Sal Stow

Under the note is a drawing of a person waving a trans flag in one hand and a pansexual flag in the other. Stow shared the letter on Facebook, where it went viral, with this caption:

"I just went out to collect 2 packages from the doorstep (at my partner Meghan’s house, that I call home) only to find this note under a rock on the mat. This is why visibility is SO important. You never know who needs the support and to know it’s ok. I hope this person is ok, their family is being supportive and they find a community to connect with that can help them through this brave process. Williamson County is extremely conservative and in fact the County Commissioners voted 4-0 to not allow the pride flag to be flown on the Round Rock county court buildings. I am proud of who I am and the person I love. I will continue to be visible in whatever way I can."

Stabler tweeted a photo of the note:

Stow and Stabler have been dating for almost two years and live together for part of the year. The couple were incredibly touched by the child's gesture. Stow said:

"Knowing our visabiity [and] the impact it had on one person, it means so much. We live in a very conservative area. So when I read the note I was thankful that through our visability, we had empowered a young person to be comfortable within themselves. I know what it means to find and see something that you can relate to that is part of who you are."

The couple plans to frame the note and display it in their home.