Transgender man and his wife welcome baby after mutual ex-boyfriend agreed to be sperm donor

Transgender man and his wife welcome baby after mutual ex-boyfriend agreed to be sperm donor

A transgender man and his wife have had a baby together, with the help of someone very special: namely, their mutual ex-boyfriend Jeremiah Vieth, who volunteered to be a sperm donor on the couple's behalf.

Jayden Chapman was living as a woman when he met his spouse Keeley through Jeremiah, whom they had both dated. Jayden, (who hails from Cedar Rapids in Iowa) experienced a profound sense of gender dysphoria from an early age, but only confessed these latent feelings to Keeley later on.

Recently, this transgender man was filmed giving birth to a baby: 

Jayden had dated Jerimiah for some time before they split up amicably, and in October of 2011, Jeremiah introduced Jayden to his then-girlfriend Keeley at her 20th birthday party.

Keeley and Jerimiah later split up, but also remained friends, while Jayden and Keeley were soon close enough for Jayden to come out as trans to her for the first time.

 An image of Keeley Chapman. Credit: Press Association

With Keeley's support, Jayden began the process of transitioning and later entered into a relationship with Keeley in March of 2016. They married in May of 2018, and Jerimiah was made the usher at their wedding.

The pair soon started talking about starting a family together but found methods of procreation expensive. However, after doing some research they managed to find and order an $89 home insemination kit.

An image of Keeley and Jayden Chapman. Credit: Press Association

The two of them needed to find a sperm donor, and it seemed as though Jerimiah - a huge part of both of their lives - was a natural choice for the donor. They asked, and he graciously accepted.

The insemination kit worked right away, and Keeley fell pregnant after her first attempt. Keely delivered a baby boy, whom she named Keeden, on October 6, 2019.

Commenting on the birth of their son in a recent interview, Jayden stated: "I knew how I felt about Keeley from day one, so it was a dream come true when she told me she felt the same."

 An image of Keeley Chapman's baby. Credit: Press Association

He continued: "She had always wanted children, so from early on in our relationship, she told me that she could see herself marrying me and having a family. When Keeden was first born, it was so overwhelming – it all got very real, very fast. He’s a happy, healthy, chubby little thing now, meeting all his milestones."

"I felt forced to be a girly girl, but whenever I was doing anything stereotypically male, like playing sport or wearing masculine clothes - that’s when I was at my happiest... I hadn’t told anybody until that point, but Keeley made me feel so comfortable and accepted that it felt like the right time to come out."

An image of Keeley and Jayden Chapman. Credit: Press Association

Meanwhile, Keeley stated: "We went back and forth between having an anonymous donor, or somebody we knew, and both thought of Jeremiah before we spoke to each other. He has been such a huge part of our relationship - he’s the one that brought us together, after all."

She continued: "I had never been pregnant before, so I didn’t actually realize these were symptoms at the time, but looking back, I had been moody, and found I had a heightened sense of smell."

"I took a test 10 days after I’d used the insemination kit, and it was positive. The two blue lines were faint, but they were there. I took it while Jayden was sleeping, then surprised him when he woke up. It was such an emotional moment and we were so excited to see it all finally happening for us."

Baby-making kit. Credit: Press Association

Now, their little boy is four-months-old, and the couple are enjoying parenting. Jayden is still waiting on top surgery to have his breast tissue surgically removed, but says that he appreciates his breasts for now, since he can contribute equally to feeding duties.