US army specialist comes out as gay on live TV

US army specialist comes out as gay on live TV

US Army specialist Brion Houston (who hails from Vermont) was in Manhattan on Sunday, celebrating pride after coming home from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Watch the moment Brion Houston comes out in the video below: 

Houston was interviewed by Eyewitness News reporter Derick Waller on live network television during their coverage of the event, and was asked by Waller how it felt to attend a pride march for the first time. Houston responded positively, and Waller asked him whether or not he had come out to his colleagues in the military yet.

The serviceman replied: "Not yet - but now I am. This is my coming out!" His announcement was met with cheers from the other pride attendees.  The cameras still on him, Houston continued: "This is absolutely incredible ... On the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, there’s no better time to be out in the military than right now. You know we have the police protecting us here today which is absolutely incredible."

Reacting to the happy news, Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo tweeted: "So proud to see Brion Houston, my former executive assistant here at the BPD, a soldier, and a Vermonter, coming out at #Pride2019 in my old command, the @NYPD6Pct. So many good people, places and things rolled into one on a great day for our nation."