Woman gets one-in-a-million response after being rejected on Twitter

Woman gets one-in-a-million response after being rejected on Twitter

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nobody likes to be rejected. When you're attracted to someone, you ask them out, and they turn you down, it always stings, even if it's not your fault.

But sometimes asking someone out and being rejected can lead to some benefits in the long term, or an unexpected result for you. If you don't believe me, then take a gander at the following story.

Watch this woman's savage response to her boyfriend rejecting a kiss from her on camera: 

This week, a woman took to Twitter to share the story of what happened to her after she was rejected by a stranger she gave her number to, but the tale had an unexpected twist.

Jillian Druzgala, who hails from Iowa, approached an attractive stranger she spotted at a dining hall one day. Derek Donnellan, the man she'd taken a shine to, sent her a text message later that day in which he politely but firmly declined her offer of a date for a very good reason.

Jillian took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the text she'd received, which she captioned: "So yesterday I gave my number to a cute guy in the dining hall …"

Derek wrote: "Hey this is Derek. I wanted to say I respect your confidence to be able to come up to me and give me your number, you are very pretty. Unfortunately, I am gay, BUT I am an identical twin and he’s straight if you’d like his number or snapchat."

Jillian Druzgala later uploaded a picture of herself spending some quality time with Derek's brother, which she captioned: "went to lunch with the brother. his name is scott :) will be hanging out again after thanksgiving break [sic]"

Take a look at some of the reactions to the story from other Twitter-users:

It's good to know this story has a happy ending, and it just goes to show that being rejected isn't always the worst thing that can happen!