Lidl is selling a giant cushion slipper to warm up cold feet this winter

Lidl is selling a giant cushion slipper to warm up cold feet this winter

We all know someone who - no matter what the time of day, the temperature, or climate - always seems to have cold feet.

Maybe it's due to poor circulation, or maybe it can be attributed to some kind of sinister curse, but it seems like, even if they were to take a trip to the surface of the sun, their feet would feel like two frozen lumps of meat.

So if you know someone who just can't seem to keep their feet warm, or maybe if you can't keep your own tootsies toasty, then we have the perfect thing item: the cushion-slipper.

An image of the cushion slipper. Credit: Lidl

That's right, the retailer Lidl is selling this quirky piece of footwear in their stores, just in time for fall. The Meradiso foot warmer cushion arrives in stores in the United Kingdom from Sunday, September 22.

The uni-slipper is lovely, fluffy and silky-soft, with faux fur on the outside and snug fleecy sock inserts. The slipper is made to measure the UK adult shoe size 4-11, and comes in either black or brown.

Check out this video of a passenger controlling a plane TV with his feet:

The product's item description states: "Essentially a giant two-footed slipper, Lidl’s Foot Warmer Cushion is a luxuriously plush cushion that’s soft faux fur on the outside with cosy sock inserts that burrow into the cushion’s warmth," Lidl explained.

It continues: "Perfect for toasting tootsies whilst curling up on the sofa, protecting from aggressive air conditioning under a desk at work or providing some extra warmth in bed, the pillow comes in nude, brown or black to coordinate with any room décor."

An image of a cushion slipper. Credit: Lidl

So if you feel like keeping your feet as toasty as hot cross buns, then why not pick up a pair of these babies while stocks still last?