Lidl is selling shaded sun beds for your dogs and cats to enjoy the sun safely

Lidl is selling shaded sun beds for your dogs and cats to enjoy the sun safely

Ladies and gentlemen, it's summertime: and not only does it mean that you're going to be spending a lot more time outside, it also means that your pets probably will too. You'll be taking your dogs out for longer walks in the park, while your cats will probably slink outside more frequently to take a nap in the sun. I'm a bit jealous, to be honest.

Dog with sunglasses Credit: Getty

But unlike you or I who know to put on sunscreen and sunglasses and all of that, your pets don't really understand why it's important to be careful out in the sun. Your cat isn't going to sit around to read a pamphlet about UV radiation (trust me, I've tried), so somehow we've got to keep our pets safe, folks.

Fear not, it's going to be a lot easier than you think. Lidl (whose product strategy can be best described as "Sure, why not?") is here to give us dog and cat sun beds, so that your pets can go out in the sun completely safely. This includes the Zoofari dog bed, with a nifty shade for your little furry friend so they don't get the sun in the eyes this summer.

Dog bed Credit: Zoofari

Measuring around W106 x H85 x D75cm (W106 x H20 x D75cm if you don't count the canopy), the dog bed is easily assembled and dissembled, and the elevation allows your dog to cool and chill out, nice and easy. "The dog bed with sun roof is absolutely brilliant," said a very happy Lidl user called CathG.

"Very easy to assemble, durable, well made and big enough for most dogs. The sun roof is detachable which is great as the bed can then be used out doors or in side. It is a perfect height so even smaller dogs can easily get onto it. The material is also strong and easily cleaned. My dogs did not hesitate to try it out. They both just fell in love with it. I would highly recommend this product to dog and cat owners, family and friends. I would give it a definite 5/5. It is brilliant."

summer cat bed Credit: Zoofari

Then, for your cat, there's the Zoofari cat chair. Not as expensive as your dog bed but just as fun, this foldable and cosy safe place for your little scratchy guy comes with a removable, washable cover for when your cat wants to take a nap in the sun. With these things in place, your cats and dogs will have a better summer than you will!