Limited edition 'Roast Turkey' Pringles are hitting shelves

Limited edition 'Roast Turkey' Pringles are hitting shelves

News of a new Pringle is always worth celebrating, but when it combines both snacking and Thanksgiving, it really is time to crack open the champagne. According to a popular snack-based social media channel, the legendary potato chip-makers are planning to celebrate this year’s festivities by rereleasing a very special roast turkey-flavoured crisp. Christmas has literally come early. 

The flavour itself was actually first introduced back in 2017, but has remained elusive ever since. However, online reports suggest that the chips are slated to make a return to US supermarket shelves by the end of this month, much to the relief of erstwhile fans. 

According to popular snack-focused Instagram account Candyhunting: 

“Roasted Turkey Pringles are starting to hit shelves in the US, just in time for Thanksgiving! This flavor isn't entirely new to the market. It was first introduced to the US as part of the ultra-limited edition Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles in 2017. They came back as an online exclusive the following Thanksgiving.”

“The flavor has also been out in Europe. Anyway, since the flavor is just starting to roll out, only a few chains (like Giant Eagle and Jewel) have them out so far. They'll be out at other stores very soon!”

News of the Roast Turkey crisp’s return comes after the company found a winning formula last year, with the release of a full range of Thanksgiving flavoured snacks. The full three-course pack of “Turkey In A Can”, “Stuffing In A Can” and “Pumpkin Pie In A Can” sold out in less than an hour in 2018, proving that a festive feast is popular, even in crisp form. It remains to be seen whether turkey by itself can prove as successful.