Long, fake toenails are the latest bizarre beauty trend

Long, fake toenails are the latest bizarre beauty trend

Acrylic nails are great. As a reformed nail biter, they were the only way that I was finally able to kick the anxiety-induced habit I'd had for well over a decade. After spending just under an hour in a salon chair, hands outstretched, I walked out looking and feeling like I had the nails I'd always dreamed of. Gone were the stumps. They looked good - even if they were fake.

This pit bull loved her long nails so much she pretended to faint to stop them being clipped: 

However, it turns out that some people are going a step further than getting acrylics on their hands. Now, for reasons I'll never understand, long, fake toenails are in, despite the obvious problem this presents when wearing shoes.

Like so many current beauty trends, it appears to have originated on Instagram, where many people are sharing pictures of their cosmetically enhanced and lengthened toenails, and I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan.

From talon-like French manicures to trotters that look like fingers attached to feet, this is a look that's definitely not for everyone.

However, while not everyone might be a fan, as per Beautylish, a woman explained that she was considering getting acrylic toenails (which could be a way to get her natural nails to go) and she was advised that it can look good, as long as they aren't too long!

But it was rightly pointed out on the site that regardless of how short acrylic toenails can be, once they grow, they could cause all sorts of problems in the shoe department and potentially even cause your natural nails to ingrow.

Meanwhile, in other nail-related news, last fall, tortoise nails were all the rage, and a number of moms-to-be are celebrating their pregnancies by getting sonogram nails (which I am completely here for).