'Mall Madness' is officially coming back for the 90s sleepover of your dreams

'Mall Madness' is officially coming back for the 90s sleepover of your dreams

Hasbro is officially bringing back the iconic 90s boardgame Mall Madness, over 30 years after it was first released, Bustle reports.

Launched all the way back in 1988, the game was, as the name indicates, based around shopping at "the mall".

Players would start off with a certain amount and spend the game making purchases. The aim of the game was to be the first player to buy all of the items on their shopping list.

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“In the original Mall Madness – as well as the new edition – the game is centered around the exciting experience of going on a shopping spree with friends,” Julien McCluney, vice president of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing at Hasbro told Bustle. “The fact that so many adults reminisce about the original [game] more than 30 years after its initial release speaks volumes to its place in pop culture!”

Those who plan on purchasing the game for nostalgic reasons will be pleased to know the 2020 version, while having several updates, has largely remained the same.

Credit: Hasbro

“While the look and feel of the mall in 2020 has changed, many of the game’s core elements remain the same,” McCluney tells Bustle, noting things like specific store fronts will be getting an update. “In the new edition, players will get to choose a personality and play as Gwen, Sage, Avery, or Dax while in the original game, the pawns were different colors.”

“We’re excited to bring that magic to a new generation of 'mall shoppers,' and invite millennials to re-live a favorite game from their childhood," McCluney said, adding that there are also “some fun games in the works we think many adults will be excited to see.”

The game officially launches this fall and will be available at most major retailers for $24.99. If you can't wait until then, however, it is currently available for preorder.