Man cruelly nicknamed 'Sideshow Bob' reveals he can't get married due to his size 19 feet

Man cruelly nicknamed 'Sideshow Bob' reveals he can't get married due to his size 19 feet

With UK size 19 (US size 19.5) feet, David Henderson has encountered some rather unique difficulties in his life. He's faced a barrage of cruel nicknames, struggled to find work, and - according to him - been unable to get married because of his unusual proportions.

Appearing on The Jeremy Kyle show this week, Henderson, who is 39 years old, spoke about how the constant barrage of abuse had knocked his confidence, making him too nervous to get married.

"When it was younger it was alright but now I'm older [it's harder]," he said.

You can see David talking about his shoes in the interview below:

What's more, the cost of his wedding shoes - £2,000 - was too much for him to afford, and he couldn't find anyone to make them for a lower price.

man with size 19 feet Credit: YouTube/Jeremy Kyle Show

Annie, his fiancée, told the talk show host about all the nicknames Henderson has been given. "They call him 'banana boat', 'Sideshow Bob', 'clown feet', all sorts of nasty things," Annie explained, and Henderson himself spoke about the harm it was causing him - both in his professional and personal life.

"If you go to a job interview, the first thing they ask you is 'where are your shoes,'" he said. "And obviously I don't have £2,000 to go and get a pair of shoes." This is the same problem he's facing with his wedding, too, as he asks, "What about [Annie's] dress?", implying that Henderson cannot cover all these expenses on his own.

"When your friends are going out to nice places, you can't, because of your footwear ... so my lifestyle is kinda like, 'here's a big guy, but there's more [to him] than his feet or his job.'"

big shoes Credit: David Henderson

Speaking to the BBC last year, Henderson said:

"[People] notice [the] big feet as you're walking down or going places. People stare and look and comment. They say things like 'there's Big Foot' and 'there's banana boat' - all different names. I try and blank it and switch off, but it does affect me... in different ways."

"The jobs I apply for they say black shoes as part of the uniform - and obviously I can't get black shoes," he continued. "I have had a few job interviews and basically they say the uniform is black shoes, black trousers, white shirt or T-shirt. But when you say 'well, I take a size 19 shoe', their reactions vary."

And Henderson's predicament is quite unique, too, as he's the only person in the UK with size 19 feet.

Fortunately for him, Kyle had a gift for him: a pair of shoes for his wedding! A clip from the show this week showed the host handing over the gift to a beaming Henderson, who was clearly incredibly grateful for the surprise.

What a sweet gesture!