Man pops eyeballs out of their sockets for 140 seconds in world record attempt

Man pops eyeballs out of their sockets for 140 seconds in world record attempt

A man known as "Mr Zoom" has attempted to beat the World Record for eye-popping.

In a clip posted to YouTube, John Doyle, a father from Liverpool, can be seen explaining that the current record for a person popping their eyeballs popped out of their sockets is for "about 53 seconds". (However, after searching for 'eyeball pop' on the official Guinness World Record website, I could not find any confirmation of this.)

John then explains that he can easily beat this record, taking out a watch to authenticate his attempt.

To see John pop his eyeballs out of his sockets for 140 seconds, check out the eye-popping (get it?) video below: 

Unsurprisingly, Doyle's World Record attempt looked painful, and while it lasted for 140 seconds, there is currently no indication on the official Guinness World Record website that he claimed the title, as the body requires strict guidelines in order to officiate and confirm a record.

Doyle - whose unique talent has earned him the nickname "Mr Zoom" - also claims to have beat the World Record for how far a person's eyeballs can come out of their sockets, which is currently held by American woman Kim Goodman, who popped hers out by 12 millimeters.

"Guinness World Records have quite strict criteria so it is tough to meet their standards," Doyle said, the Daily Mail reported.

"While in Japan, I believe I beat the world record for how far eyes can come out, which is currently 12 millimeters, but due to the language barrier it was hard to get it recorded accurately."

Man with watering eyes holding a watch. Credit: Newsflare

The Liverpudlian father then opened up about his unlikely viral fame:

"I was doing it for friends in the pub and just put it on YouTube one day.

"I found I was getting emails from lots of different people commenting on it.

"Suddenly it had had a hundred views, then the figure kept going up and up and I was getting dozens of emails every couple of hours.

"It just took off. I was featured on TV in America and Ripley's Believe It Or Not contacted me. I never expected it would be as popular as this."

However, despite gaining thousands of views on YouTube, it has been a few years since he last uploaded to the video-sharing platform. That being said, if Guinness World Records are looking for anyone willing to attempt an eyeball popping record, we think they should give him a call!