McDonald's are now selling Chicken McMuffins and Chocolatey Wafer McFlurrys

McDonald's are now selling Chicken McMuffins and Chocolatey Wafer McFlurrys

Ah, McDonald's. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then my many trips under the Golden Arches are pretty much the precursor to a wedding chapel by this point. Whether I'm trudging there after a heavy night of drinking or popping in for a quick batch of fries, my excursions to McDonald's at this point must rank in the thousands.

With Big Macs, Chick McNuggets and the Filet O'Fish (don't judge me) all making up some pretty memorable meals in the past, there's a lot of love, but not really a lot of novelty in my McMeals. Yeah, every now and again I'll try something new, but one thing I could use a little more of is a bit of variety.

That goes double for the McDonald's Breakfast. On the occasion I actually get there early enough, I do enjoy the Egg or Sausage McMuffin, but I'm looking for something different, y'know? But like with any long-term relationship, McDonald's and I have developed a sort of telepathy, and they've come up with a new breakfast item for me (and I guess you guys too) to enjoy.

Say hello to the Chicken McMuffin with Egg. The Chicken McMuffin. Whatever order in which you describe the ingredients, the end product is exactly the same; a nice egg, some cheese between two toasted English McMuffins, but crucially on this occasion, instead of the sausage patty, this time we've got something completely different.

Chicken McMuffin with Egg Credit: McDonald's

Check this out from an official McDonald's Press Release, as per the Chicken McMuffin with Egg:

"Chicken McMuffin with Egg from Hong Kong, China, Singapore and other Asian markets, this breakfast sandwich starts with a toasted English muffin, topped with a McChicken patty, a fresh cracked egg, American cheese and mayonnaise."

This is all part of a new round of meals introduced from McDonald's branches around the world, with the Chicken McMuffin just one of several innovations. Alongside a Cheddar BBQ Bacon Burger (from Australia) and the McAloo Tikki, a vegetarian burger from India which apparently has a patty that's "reminiscent of samosas".

McAloo Tikki Credit: McDonald's

Not only that, folks, but we've also got a new flavour of McFlurry to look forward to. Also, new salads, I guess, but come on. Let's talk a bit more about the Chocolatey Wafer McFlurry, from Germany.

The McDonald's press release describes it as "McDonald’s vanilla soft serve swirled with crushed chocolatey wafer candy bars and a choice of hot fudge or warm caramel swirled in the mix," and although they don't sound too excited there, I'm sure that inwardly, they're buzzing.

Chocolatey Wafer McFlurry Credit: McDonald's

Well, it all sounds great, doesn't it? In that case, I'm sorry folks - I hate to rain on your parade, but this new flurry of menu items won't be at your branch unless your local branch happens to be the one at the McDonald's global HQ in Chicago’s West Loop neighbourhood. Still, always time for a trip to Chicago, right? I've heard they've got excellent culture. And excellent food. If they do well, it's only a matter of time before they spread nationwide. Yay!