McDonald's have a new holiday McFlurry for 2018, and it's their best one yet

McDonald's have a new holiday McFlurry for 2018, and it's their best one yet

Now on the surface of things, the cold winter months seem like the worst possible time to be eating ice cream or drinking a milkshake. But really, when you think about it, there's definitely precedent for it - based on a biological process known as homeostasis. Just look at what happens in really hot places.

India, as well as countries in South America and Africa, incorporates plenty of spicy food and hot drinks into their diets, despite it being sweltering outside. That's because all that extra heat makes them sweat more, and when that sweat evaporates, it cools them down.

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So, applying that logic to cold weather, you should be eating as much cold stuff as possible, causing your body to adapt and warm yourself up in the most counterintuitive way. McDonald's get where I'm coming from here - which is why we get on so well - and their latest festive McFlurry is the absolute best dessert to be eating this holiday season.

Let's give a very warm (but not too warm - we don't want it to melt) welcome to the brand new festive McFlurry - forever interlinked with the year 2018. Looks to die for, doesn't it? Alongside everyone's favourite ice cream, we've got mixed in pieces of Maltesers - but not just any Maltesers, my friends.

Festive McFlurry Credit: McDonald's

These are Maltesers reindeers. They're adorable, and much like their red-nosed cousin, they're bound to go down in history - they're malt and crispy honeycomb, covered in chocolate, and mixed into that waiting McFlurry. Plus, to round things off, the whole thing is mixed in with some chocolate sauce too, making it just the right amount of choco-licious.

Okay, now how much of your hard-earned cash will you have to part with in order to have one of these festive McFlurrys in tow? Well, if you'd like to save money (or some room for Christmas dinner), then you can get a little one for around 89p, but for everyone else looking to have a festive good time whatever the cost, you can get one for £1.29!

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For those of you who can't wait to sink their teeth into this year's festive treat, the good news is that you'll only have to wait a year. The bad news? The incredible Terry's Chocolate Orange McFlurry might not be joining us on the McDonald's menu this year. But that's okay folks, we've got more McDonald's festive treats to help numb the pain.

I've talked a lot about cold stuff, but in case you don't believe me (or worse, if I'm completely wrong) McDonald's have you covered with the Millionaire's latte, which - despite its name - is actually pretty affordable. A shot of espresso, steamed milk are all well and good, but it's the caramel biscuit syrup that makes the Millionaire's latte so valuable.

Millionaire's latte Credit: McDonald's

So there you go, folks. As we all know, Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs are all-year-round inventions, but if you want to add a sweet treat to your McDonald's meal this Christmas, then I've got a couple of suggestions for you.